Have you have been injured in a public transportation accident in Las Vegas?

Bus & Transit Accidents

The Vegas Auto Injury Lawyers represents people who have been injured or killed in bus accidents in Las Vegas. Buses are not just big cars. Commercial driver’s license and maintenance requirements may apply. Their large size often causes catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Our firm has the experience to recognize and handle unique factors associated with large buses and trucks. We have represented people who have been paralyzed or killed or whose cars burst into flames in bus accidents.

If you were injured as a resident or while visiting Las Vegas, our law firm can help. We confidently and compassionately guide clients through the legal process that accompanies a bus accident case.

Determining the cause of a bus accident
After a bus accident, our firm takes the necessary steps to investigate the accident’s cause. We work to determine the liable party and if negligence contributed to or caused the accident:
Negligent bus drivers — Was the driver licensed and properly trained? Was the driver speeding or driving recklessly?
Negligent bus companies — Was the bus properly maintained? Were mechanical problems repaired? Was the driver’s traffic record checked and monitored?
Dangerous road conditions — Did design defects or dangerous road conditions contribute to or cause the accident?
Once we determine the cause of the accident, we can take legal action and seek compensation on behalf of the injured parties.
Take Prompt Legal Action

If you have been injured in a public transportation accident in Las Vegas, it is important to act quickly and file your claim within the required time frame. Although there are some exceptions, most bus accident and other personal injury claims must be filed within two years of the accident. Talk to an attorney to find out the specific time frame for your injury case. Do not wait. Even though you may have two years to file your claim, there are many reasons for taking action sooner, such as preserving crucial evidence and evaluating treatment options to help speed recovery.

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The Law Office of Vegas Auto Injury Lawyers practices exclusively in personal injury, helping those who have been hurt in an accident due to another’s negligence. Recovery, both physical and financial, is a difficult process. We will help you every step of the way, and aggressively fight for just and fair compensation.

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